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Walking Targets

Posted by Outdoorsmen Productions, LLC On May - 23 - 2011

Walking Targets are a great practice target for those who are learning how to shoot or for the sportsman that’s looking to hone in on his/her skills. The target’s distinguished design lets them flip over when shot with a .22, giving the shooter another target surface ready for aim, allowing them endless target practice. The new walking target, a fun and challenging target to practice adaptive positioning and follow up technique. Find them online at


Thundering Toms II

Posted by Outdoorsmen Productions, LLC On July - 23 - 2008

It’s spring and as the sun appears on the horizon, the Whippoorwills are the first to awaken,

and then the lonesome morning doves can be heard throughout the woods.

Just prior to sunup, as darkness turns to daylight a Barred Owl starts his “Who cooks for you” call.

Then it happens!

The thundering gobble of a big Tom brings the entire woods to life.

These are just a few of the things you’ll hear and see on Thundering Toms II, with over an hour of spring turkey hunting for Merriam’s, Eastern and Rio Grande turkeys in five upper Midwestern states.

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