Thursday, June 20, 2024

Outdoorsmen Productions LLC

504 E. Bow St. • Hartington NE, 68739 • Phone:(402) 254-6939

Outdoorsmen Productions LLC is dedicated to creating quality promotional products for our clients.

Commercial production is no different. Commercials are designed to meet the client’s advertising needs. Created completely in-house with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our commercials are designed to both persuade and inform the viewer about our client’s product and brand.

Outdoorsmen Productions LLC can also create and produce short videos for your company. From factory tours to product demonstration, your video needs can be met by our highly skilled staff.

Letters of Recommendations:

The following is what some of our clients have said about Outdoorsmen Productions LLC:

1. ‘Working with Gary Howey and Outdoorsmen Productions, LLC, has been a very enjoyable experience. Gary and his crew came up to our factory, taped the footage needed and then produced an ad that has worked out very well.

Gary went the next mile and installed our Magnum Countryside Corn burning stove right at his studio. This is really being a partner with your client. Some of my employees were invited by Gary to go on a hunting trip and everyone had a great time. It is a pleasure to work with Outdoorsmen Productions.

Mike Haefner, President, American Energy Systems of Hutchinson, MN

2. Gary Howey, producer of Outdoorsmen Productions LLC is a man who literally lives his job. An avid hunter, fisherman, and wildlife environmentalist, his feature presentations are exciting, authentic, and adventurous, yet they come across an as experience within the grasp of the average sportsman.

Gary is a person who is hardworking, trustworthy, and dependable and what he says is the way it is. I have found that sponsoring his programs is cost effective and it penetrates a market any company with a sports related product could greatly benefit from. I have no reservation concerning recommending Gary Howey and his company Outdoorsmen Productions LLC.

John Dodgen, Chairman/President, Dodgen Industries

3. I have found Gary Howey to be honest and forthright in all his professional dealings as well as reliable, consistent and the type of fellow who does what he says he will do.

Thinking back, I cannot recall a time that I have ever heard anyone say anything against Gary or his reputation in the outdoor industry and that’s saying something, since it is a competitive dog-eat-dog industry. Further, Gary has shown himself to be concerned and caring about people and issues to which he is close. And, he’s rather engaging, a boom companion around the campfire and the type of fellow you enjoy spending time with, whether in the field, on a boat or in more civilized environs.

Joe Arterburn, Corporate Communications Manager, Cabela’s, Inc.

4. Gary Howey’s Outdoorsmen Adventures television series has proven to be a vital link for marketing our lighting products to hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. We have received a great direct response from quality consumers as a result of our 30 second spots on Outdoorsmen Adventures. Gary’s Outdoorsmen Productions LLC staff created an informative and high impact commercial at a very reasonable rate and in a short amount of time.

Colt Hosick, Sales Executive, Golight, Inc.

5. I appreciate the quality work you did on my short videos. As you know, you produced my original Shooting Cart video for my web site some time ago. I also send out DVDs of that video to my customers.

You guys edited that video nicely to present my message concisely but completely. Because of the success I had with that video I asked you to produce another for me. As you know, we had a challenge explaining to our prospective customers what makes our gun holders superior to others on the market.

You guys again made a quality short video that truly solves my problem of explaining the uniqueness of our product to our prospective customers. I enjoyed working with you and your employees and I would honestly recommend your services to anyone needing film production.

Bruce Kelly, General Manager, Rugged Gear